How Cloud Computing is Revolutionizing Healthcare?

Cloud technology is widely adopted by healthcare organizations worldwide. During the past few years, healthcare industries have realized the potential of cloud computing and how it can help them give quality services to patients. The cloud technology has accelerated the way healthcare industry can use or share information across a network.

Outbound Call Center Software Solution

Outbound Call Center Software Enhances Productivity Accelerate Sales with Automated Dialer Technology. Our Outbound Call Center Software is designed to deliver the best Outbound Calling experience for outbound telesales, outbound telemarketing, Outbound Calling, outbound collections and lead generation. Based on our rock-solid record of reliability, Vocalcom provides the industry most powerful Outbound Call Center Software to automate your Outbound Calling campaigns and brings unrivalled capabilities to thousands of business of all sizes worldwide. With a broad range of features that are robust and unique, yet easy to use, the Vocalcom Outbound Call Center Software Solution is more in the forefront the Outbound Calling Solutions than any other on the market.

Data Backup and Recovery

Designing data backup solutions for clients has been one of GridWay’s principal service offering for almost 20 years. Today, managing data backup on behalf of clients is one of the key service deliverables we offer as a managed service. Data backup is also a major Cloud Computing offering we provide through GridWay’s privately owned and operated Data Centre.

Virtual Server Definition

The term virtual server refers to a number of distinct technologies. Here we examine the type of virtual server known as the Virtual Private Server (VPS), otherwise called a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). This type of virtual server is a method of dividing a single server machine into multiple servers by employing virtual machines. Each virtual server has its own operating system (OS) and server administrators can reboot and operate o­n them independently.

The fastest data recovery company in New Zealand!

Payam Data Recovery is open Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm. We have the most state-of-the-art data recovery lab in New Zealand, with the best technology and most advanced methods to get your data back when others can’t.

How We Compare Vs Pods

In today’s society, there are many portable options of storage to choose from, but there is only one SMARTBOX. Many will advertise that their storage options are the smartest choice, but no other method of mobile storage on the market today has the word “SMART” within their brand name. Like our title, we are set apart from other storage providers because we truly know what it takes to provide SMARTER storage options.

The Top 20 Platform as a Service (PaaS) Vendors

If not for the platform, there would be no apps, and no need for cloud infrastructure. There are many cloud platforms to choose from, all of which in one way or another help developers build and deploy their applications to the cloud. The cloud platform is the "shake" to the cloud infrastructure's "bake." The goal is to be able to quickly and efficiently design and deploy applications, and have them function reliably. Think of the platform as the enabler of cloud applications. Each of these 20 cloud platform vendors does that in one way, shape or form. And each has carved its own niche to be among the coolest players in the cloud computing platform game.

House Passes Cybersecurity Enhancement Act

The first major cybersecurity bill to be passed by either house in the 111th Congress, the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act, was approved by a 422-to-5 vote in the House on Thursday. The measure, HR 4061, goes to the Senate.

VoIP Hosted Softswitch

Softswitch is a VoIP software database containing users’ information and phone numbers. When a VoIP call is placed, the softswitch uses the information to route the call or accept a call through an IP network and PSTN. The user’s information is then located and the current IP address and devices associated with the user are accessed to complete the call. If the information is not stored on the softswitch it will make a downstream request to other softswitches until it can find the proper account information. Once both calling devices are found, the softswitch connects the two endpoints together allowing an exchange of data between the two softphones or IP phones.

OLap (online analytical processing)

OLAP (online analytical processing) is computer processing that enables a user to easily and selectively extract and view data from different points of view. For example, a user can request that data be analyzed to display a spreadsheet showing all of a company's beach ball products sold in Florida in the month of July, compare revenue figures with those for the same products in September, and then see a comparison of other product sales in Florida in the same time period. To facilitate this kind of analysis, OLAP data is stored in a multidimensional database.

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