Voice – How do I record a greeting for Auto Attendant (Easy Attendant)?


Spectrum Business users can set up Auto Attendant greetings and announcements from their computer or phone. To begin the process, you’ll need to record an initial greeting that will play when customers dial into Auto Attendant.

If necessary, please contact us at (800) 314-7195Call: (800) 314-7195 to add the Spectrum Business Auto Attendant feature to your Voice account.

Note: If you’re using a third-party Auto Attendant provided through your equipment vendor and are having issues, please contact your vendor to ensure your PBX is Q.24 compliant and provide this document.

Setup Auto Attendant Over the Phone

Call *99 on any line and enter the appropriate PIN for that line. Note: If calling from an outside line, press * during the greeting.

Press 7 to sign in to a different mailbox or # for any other mailbox.
Enter the Auto Attendant number and PIN, which can be set up in the Admin Voice Panel if you don’t know it.
Press 1 to configure Easy Attendant and then press 2 to edit announcements.

The following menu will provide a list of recorded greetings. Enter the number that corresponds to the greeting you wish to record.

Set-up Auto Attendant via Computer

Sign in to SpectrumBusiness.net with your Admin username and password.
From the Account Summary page, select the Voice tab at the top of your screen.
Select your Admin number from the dropdown list and then choose Access Admin Voice Panel from the menu on the left.
You’ll be redirected to the Voice Administrator Portal (no additional sign in required). From here, you can open Easy Attendant.
First-time users will be prompted to record a greeting. Select the record button on the right-hand panel to do so.

For your greeting, it’s recommended that you include: welcome, business brand, important information and the options assigned in Easy Attendant.

Select Apply to save the greeting.

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