Private Cloud

Get the agility, scalability and efficiency of the public cloud, with the greater levels of control and security of a single-tenant, dedicated environment. It can be hosted on-site at your own data center or at a service provider’s data center.

Outbound Call Center Software Solution

Outbound Call Center Software Enhances Productivity Accelerate Sales with Automated Dialer Technology. Our Outbound Call Center Software is designed to deliver the best Outbound Calling experience for outbound telesales, outbound telemarketing, Outbound Calling, outbound collections and lead generation. Based on our rock-solid record of reliability, Vocalcom provides the industry most powerful Outbound Call Center Software to automate your Outbound Calling campaigns and brings unrivalled capabilities to thousands of business of all sizes worldwide. With a broad range of features that are robust and unique, yet easy to use, the Vocalcom Outbound Call Center Software Solution is more in the forefront the Outbound Calling Solutions than any other on the market.

Cloud Computing

Public clouds are calling to IT engineers -- and their wallets A global survey found one-third of data-center and IT professionals plan to put workloads in the cloud over the nex

OpenEMR (Electronic Medical Records)

From EHR Live: The clinical benefits of computerized medical records are clear; however, the costs of current proprietary systems are large. These high cost systems inhibit many small practices from transitioning to computerized medical records. This obstacle can easily be circumvented with EHR Live's OpenEMR. OpenEMR is a medical practice management, electronic medical records, prescription writing, and medical billing application.

cloud computing

Cloud computing is a type of computing that relies on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications.

Best-fit Infrastructures

Sometimes the best infrastructure for a site or app requires both cloud and dedicated environments. That's why we've created a true hybrid cloud environment with multi-cloud flexibility, so you can connect dedicated hosting to the private and public clouds of your choice — such as AWS™, Microsoft®, OpenStack®, and VMware®to create the best fit for your specific needs. No matter where you are in your journey to the cloud, Rackspace can help.

SEP12 requires a uninstall password that was never set

SEP 12 has decided it requires a uninstall password, which i never set. So i do not know this password. How do I get hold of this password?

SolarWinds Free Tool For Importing CSV Files

Use this lovely utility for bulk importing your company's joiners into Active Directory. List your users' properties in Excel, then export to a .csv file; from there use SolarWinds free 'Import user' tool to create the accounts in Windows Active Directory.

What is Azure Backup?

Azure Backup is a simple and cost-effective backup as a service (BaaS) solution, that gives you trusted tools on-premises with rich and powerful tools in the cloud. It delivers strong protection for customer data wherever it resides—in your enterprise data center, remote and branch offices, or the public cloud—while being sensitive to the unique requirements these scenarios pose. Azure Backup, in a seamless portal experience with Azure Site Recovery, gives you cost-efficiency and minimal maintenance, consistent tools for offsite backups and operational recovery, and unified application availability and data protection.

Ericsson BusinessPhone Series – BP250, BP150, BP50, BP 182i and BP Compact

BusinessPhone combined mobility solutions for your staff in the office or your team out in the field, IP Telephony, Messaging and even Contact Center solutions. You name it, and BusinessPhone has it: So that you have the option of combining one or more solutions of your choice into your BusinessPhone. And getting a tailor-made solution built precisely to your needs.

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