VoIP Hosted Softswitch

Softswitch is a VoIP software database containing users’ information and phone numbers. When a VoIP call is placed, the softswitch uses the information to route the call or accept a call through an IP network and PSTN. The user’s information is then located and the current IP address and devices associated with the user are accessed to complete the call. If the information is not stored on the softswitch it will make a downstream request to other softswitches until it can find the proper account information. Once both calling devices are found, the softswitch connects the two endpoints together allowing an exchange of data between the two softphones or IP phones.

OLap (online analytical processing)

OLAP (online analytical processing) is computer processing that enables a user to easily and selectively extract and view data from different points of view. For example, a user can request that data be analyzed to display a spreadsheet showing all of a company's beach ball products sold in Florida in the month of July, compare revenue figures with those for the same products in September, and then see a comparison of other product sales in Florida in the same time period. To facilitate this kind of analysis, OLAP data is stored in a multidimensional database.

How safe is cloud computing?

(CNN) -- Stormy weather could be on the horizon for cloud computing as security experts warn not enough is being done to make sure one of the hottest IT trends is safe.

Repost: How to Evaluate Sitecore as a Developer

This blog post provides some suggestions for developers evaluating the Sitecore ASP.NET CMS. You might find useful my series of posts about Sitecore Differentiating Factors and All About the Sitecore ASP.NET CMS.

Next Generation Compliance Data Centers.

HOSTING offers a complex compliant hosting solution that spans multiple data centers to deliver increased scalability, faster performance and higher availability than our competitors.

Controlling the Cloud: Requirements for Cloud Computing

You can hardly open any technology or business journal, website, or newspaper today without hearing some commentary on cloud computing-what it is and how it will change IT and business. Cloud computing's impact will continue to be felt for many years regardless of how it all comes together in the end. At the same time no single definition of cloud computing exists or is being talked about, planned, and even implemented in today's enterprise networks. Defining cloud computing and notions of "the cloud" are extremely ambiguous and difficult to nail down. Few vendors are willing to step beyond the marketing hype and "cloud washing" to present a perspective of what true cloud computing represents, what currently exists, what is missing, and the characteristics required for enterprise adoption of this dynamic and powerful change in computing ideology.

Top 4 Free Email Alternatives To Gmail That Protect Your Privacy | Best Gmail...

If you’re like me, you’re really beginning to get fed up with Gmail. What was once the go-to email provider in the world, millions have been leaving as Google began violating users’ privacy, instituting draconian policies, removing all customer service support whatsoever, and altering the user interface in ways that millions of users protested. 

Data Protection In The Cloud: The Basics

Understanding your options for moving backup, disaster recovery or business continuity processes to the cloud can be confusing. Here's a primer.

Build Your Own Private Cloud with Eucalyptus

Now empower your organisation the open source way! Learn about the Eucalyptus private cloud platform and then go on to install, configure and work with it.

How to Set Up Your Cloud Protection Layer

To use the Cloud Protection Layer, you must have a current Energize Updates (EU) subscription for your Barracuda Email Security Gateway. After setting up your Cloud Protection Layer, see Cloud Protection Layer for how to configure policies at the Cloud Protection Layer level.

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