AlloFactor FREE Practice Management & EMR Software 2.0.9

AlloFactor is the only FREE medical practice management software that comes prebuilt with all clinic functions including scheduling, registration, billing, EMR, reporting.

Website Uptime & Performance Monitoring

Powerful monitoring tools that are quick-and-easy to set up. Instant alerts that you can trust, the moment your site goes down. Gain invaluable insights into how your website's performance is impacting your customers’ experiences – helping your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Two tools for quick and easy web application load testing during development

I was on the ASP.NET Community Standup this morning and Jon mentioned a new tool for load testing called "Netling." This got me to thinking about simple lightweight load testing in general. I've used large enterprise systems like SilkTest as well as the cloud based load testing tools like those in Azure and Visual Studio. I've also used command-line tools like WCAT, an old but very competent load testing tool.

Five single sign-on apps

Over the last several years, password management has become increasingly more difficult. Thanks to the Web and to cloud applications, there are far more passwords to remember than ever before. Furthermore, passwords are often archaic and must be frequently changed. Fortunately, there are a number of Single Sign On (SSO) and password management utilities available. This article outlines five such utilities that are targeted for use by individuals or small businesses.

Top 12 Sites For Free Cloud Computing & Enterprise Software Research

One of the most common questions I get from students is where they can find free cloud computing and enterprise software research.

6 Free Online Backup Plans

Several backup services offer free online backup plans. The only catch with a free plan is that you're heavily restricted, at least compared to their premium offerings, as to how much data you're allowed to backup.

Deep Log Analyzer

Analyze Web site visitors' behavior and get complete Web site usage statistics. It features hierarchical reports presentation with interactive navigation, convenient charts, and open database format. View how statistics change over time, compare reports for different time intervals, dig deeper into your site data with the unique hierarchical reports and reveal hidden patterns in your site stats. Get reports about accessed site resources, visitors' activity, referral sites, search engines and keywords, browsers and OS, search spiders, server errors. Create your own custom reports, access database in other applications. Analyze log files from all popular Web servers including IIS and Apache, download log files via FTP, process logs archived in GZ or ZIP on the fly without extracting them. Use Deep Log Analyzer to create and view advanced marketing, SEO or technical reports.

OpenEMR (Electronic Medical Records)

From EHR Live: The clinical benefits of computerized medical records are clear; however, the costs of current proprietary systems are large. These high cost systems inhibit many small practices from transitioning to computerized medical records. This obstacle can easily be circumvented with EHR Live's OpenEMR. OpenEMR is a medical practice management, electronic medical records, prescription writing, and medical billing application.

Download VirtualBox

Here, you will find links to VirtualBox binaries and its source code.

Yahoo Web based email

I am using Chrome. I have used Chrome for a very long time to access Yahoo email and have paid to have an ad free account that I can use with a client if I choose. I prefer the web based.

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