MS Exchange Hosting Services

Imagine being able to access your company emails, calendar, documents, voice mail, and faxes through one panel with the functionalities of Microsoft Outlook wherever and whenever. Our Hosted Microsoft Exchange service comes with state of the art applications that protect your emails and data, and integrates with all the Microsoft Office applications on your computer and other mobile devices seamlessly. With Microsoft Exchange Hosting Services offered by Cirrus Tech, you can accomplish all of this through your Outlook while away from your desk. Communicating through email, scheduling tasks and meetings, and sharing documents within your organization have never been easier. When you sign up for one of Cirrus Tech’s Microsoft Exchange Hosting Plans, you can connect to all your essential company resources through your laptop, PDA, Smart Phone, and Blackberry.

Apache Tomcat Monitoring and Profiling

Apache Tomcat is one of the leading JavaEE application servers in the market and a popular choice for customers for deploying their application. Monitoring of performance and availability is key to an effective application performance management strategy.

Free Windows Server Monitoring Tool

System performance and availability is crucial for business productivity and we have the perfect tool for you! Windows Health Monitor tool is easy to use and monitors up to 20 servers/desktops simultaneously.

The latest technology. A stable foundation. Together, for your applications and services.

“The simplicity introduced with rolekit and cockpit have made server deployments a breeze. What took me a few days on other operating systems took less than an hour with Fedora 26 Server. It just works.” Dan Mossor, Systems Engineer

IBM System x Services

IBM offers a modular suite of hardware and software support services available for your IBM System x , BladeCenter and non-IBM Intel based servers.

Server & Application Monitor

Key Features View All Features Get started in minutes Monitor across cloud environments Application-centric monitoring Identify the root cause of application problems Built-in virtualization monitoring Storage performance and health

Making the complex simple

We specialise in working with you to find the right IT infrastructure for your business. Our UK based team make even the most complex requirements simple - call us now on 0333 247 0222.

Website Uptime & Performance Monitoring

Powerful monitoring tools that are quick-and-easy to set up. Instant alerts that you can trust, the moment your site goes down. Gain invaluable insights into how your website's performance is impacting your customers’ experiences – helping your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Monitoring Windows Server 2012

This post is part 1 of a 3-part series on monitoring the health and performance of the Windows operating system. Part 2 details how to monitor Windows Server 2012 natively with a variety of tools, and Part 3 explains how to monitor Windows with Datadog. For an in-depth webinar and Q&A session based on this series, check out this slide deck and video.

Fully-Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server gives you the ultimate in control, power and security. With your own server, there'll be no more noisy neighbors disrupting your website performance. You'll have access to all the server resources and horsepower you need for your website. Plus, with our dedicated server experts managing and monitoring the performance of your server 24x7, you can focus on your business.

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