Maryland Dui/Dwi Lawyers

You have come to the right place for aggressive, affordable DUI/DWI defense throughout Maryland! Our experienced team of Maryland DUI lawyers at Robinson & Associates is ready to provide tested and proven representation to you and your family. We will evaluate your case and explain what you need to do now to protect your license, your job and prepare an effective defense to your charges. When you contact Robinson & Associates, day or night, we will schedule your free consultation, evening and weekend appointments are available for your convenience. If you have a CDL, government clearance or a professional license, we are prepared to help with your specialized needs as well!

Don’t Let Your Utah DUI Ruin Your Life

When you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Utah and you don’t think it’s fair, you need a lawyer who can protect your rights…make sure you’re treated fairly…and who knows how to get results. You’ve just found that lawyer.

Attorney For Freedom

I am sure you think all law firms are the same, but my law firm is different, why are we different? We are a pro-freedom law firm. I will represent you the same way that I would want to be represented myself!

Our Family, Helping Yours

As a Denver based law firm founded by a brother and sister team of attorneys, we understand the importance of family. That is why we have built a firm that is dedicated to helping you protect yours. For some of our clients, family is more important than business. For others, their business is family. At Scardina Law, we provide outstanding legal services to both.

DUI Lawyer Riverside

If you have been charged with DUI, then you need to call our offices and speak to a skilled lawyer immediately. Depending on the type of DUI you have been charged with, having legal representation will often help mitigate the charges, penalties and fines. A DUI Lawyer in Riverside, will examine the facts of your case, as well as your personal and legal history to help build the strongest defense for your DUI in Riverside.

Impaired Driving: Why You Need a Skilled Lawyer For Your Dui Offence

Operating a motor vehicle while your ability is impaired by alcohol is a serious criminal offence in Canada. Equally serious is the related offence of operating a motor vehilce with more than 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of your blood. So too is the offence of failing or refusing to provide a breath sample at the roadside or at the police station. Each of these offences are informally but frequently referred to as “DUI charges”.

Experienced Miami Criminal Lawyers Fighting to Protect Your Rights

Facing State or Federal criminal charges in Miami is a frightening experience.  This is especially true for a person who has never had contact with the criminal justice system, whether it be in Miami or anywhere else. You need an experienced criminal lawyer on your side.

Veteran Car Donations

When former military personnel return to civilian life, they often face a whole new kind of hardship. After bravely sacrificing for our country, many struggle to find jobs. Some end up homeless. They can wind up overlooked and forgotten. That’s why choosing to make a vehicle donation is so important.

Donating a Car In Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts has significantly impacted our nation’s history. As a Massachusetts resident, you can also have a meaningful impact on fellow residents by donating your vehicle to charity.

You need an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney in your corner

Rubin & Associates, P.C. is committed to helping individuals and small businesses in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco and all of North Texas. We truly understand the stress experienced by individuals who are struggling with debt and we know that most people don’t get many second chances in life.

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