Chicago Truck Accident Attorneys

We share the roads in Illinois with a great number of semi tractor-trailers. However, if a semi driver causes an accident by driving tired or speeding, we don't share in the consequences. While truck drivers typically walk away from accidents, the people in the other vehicle are often killed or suffer devastating injuries.

Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer

Consult with a Proven Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer.

Structured Settlements

We often hear a lot about structured settlements through radio and television commercials, but these advertisements don’t explain what they are or what they mean. A structured settlement often comes as the result of a personal injury claim, but it can come from other situations including workers’ compensation, insurance settlements, trust funds or lottery winnings.

Caraccident Lawyer in Michigan

When you have been harmed in an auto accident, even if the injury is slight, complications can later occur. You may be faced with unexpected medical costs, lost wages, and other losses. After a car crash, it is important to seek immediate medical attention and then consult with an experienced attorney about your case.

Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The thrill of riding a motorcycle is about zipping through the elements, with nothing between you and pavement but the rubber of your two tires and the leather of your jacket. Unfortunately, the aspects of riding a motorcycle that make it unique and exhilarating are the same aspects that can make motorcycle accidents both serious and legally complex.

Structured Settlements: Pros and Cons

Many civil cases, particularly accident and personal injury lawsuits, never make it to trial because the parties reach a settlement agreement earlier in the litigation process. Generally, a settlement requires the plaintiff (person brining the lawsuit) to discontinue any further legal action in exchange for receiving a money payment from the defendant or the defendant’s insurance company. Settlement payments are usually lump-sum (all at once) or structured (regular payments over a period of time).

Mesothelioma Lawyers You Can Trust

Are you wondering whether or not you or a loved one should contact mesothelioma lawyers? Houston locals, and many Texans, often hesitate to seek out legal advice, but this is a hot-button issue that requires fast action. There is a clearly identified link between asbestos exposure and cancer, specifically a particularly dangerous type of cancer called malignant mesothelioma. Lawyers Houston residents trust can provide free legal consultation and help you or a loved one in this difficult time. The science and the law are clear: On-the-job asbestos exposure is unacceptable, and if it has led to suffering, you are entitled to compensation.

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