NJpaip Insurance For Drivers Getting Canceled-Dui-Excess Points, Etc


Over the last 14 years we have helped over 16,000 NJ citizens get NJPAIP auto insurance quotes for for NJ registered vehicles.

If you have a DUI, many moving violations or several at fault accidents in the last three years you may find that regular car insurance companies may not want to insure you at this point. They will classify you as a “High Risk” and they may instruct you to buy NJPAIP car insurance. What is a person needing insurance to do? The best advice is to get a PAIP, state of NJ Personal Auto Insurance Plan quote where you cannot be denied coverage. Also you will not be rated on your credit, your education, whether you rent or own and several other factors in the state plan or “PAIP”. Take a defensive driving course and lower your insurance rate.

Get free help with NJPAIP NJ High Risk Auto Insurance quote right now. We also have coverage if you need full coverage.

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