Clear Integrated Management Log


If not created already, create an instance of Rest or Redfish Object using the RestObject or RedfishObject class respectively. The class constructor takes iLO hostname/ ip address, iLO login username and password as arguments. The class also initializes a login session, gets systems resources and message registries.

Rest Object creation:

REST_OBJ = RestObject(iLO_host, login_account, login_password)
Redfish Object creation:

REDFISH_OBJ = RedfishObject(iLO_host, login_account, login_password)

Example 24: Clear Integrated Management Log

The method ex24_clear_iml takes an instance of rest object ( or redfish object if using Redfish API ) as argument.

def ex24_clear_iml(restobj):
Find and get the system resource for log service.

instances = restobj.search_for_type(“LogService.”)
Prepare request body to clear log.

for instance in instances:
if instance[“href”].endswith(“IML”):
body = {“Action”: “ClearLog”}
Perform POST request to clear the log.

response = restobj.rest_post(instance[“href”], body)